Art Exhibitions Austin-Saltillo
by Austin-Saltillo Sister Cities and Mexic-Arte Museum



Austin and Saltillo have ties far beyond official city-to-city agreements. Culture and Art have always been connecting elements between people and places. The Art Exhibitions Program by Austin-Saltillo Sister Cities Association and Austin’s Mexic-Arte Museum strives to strengthen the relationship of both cities, countries, and people through recurring reciprocal art exhibitions.


The inaugural Austin-Saltillo program will be initiated on Friday, July 19, 2019 with an Opening Reception for Mexic-Arte Museum’s “La Huella Magistral: Homage to Master Printmakers” and “In the Spirit of Edward Hopper - Photographs by Rupert Chambers” at the Teatro Carillo Garcia Museum, Saltillo.


La Huella Magistral

La Huella Magistral: Homage to Master Printmakers is a presentation of prints from the Consejo Gráfico’s third Portfolio Exchange and artworks from the Mexic-Arte Museum’s Permanent Collection. Founded in 2000, Consejo Gráfico is an independent group of printmaking workshops formed to advance the legacy and viability of Latinx printmaking in the United States. 

La Huella Magistral: Homage to Master Printmakers features works from 19 printmakers, each contributing an individual print to the limited edition portfolio. Each artist pays tribute to a master printmaker who mentored, taught, or inspired them and contributed artwork in their mentor’s preferred medium or recognizable style. Printmakers explore shared social justice issues including the defense of poor or oppressed peoples, a commitment to public education, and solidarity with workers. 

Mexic-Arte Museum expands on the themes explored in the portfolio by incorporating prints from the Museum’s Permanent Collection. Works from master printmakers Ernesto De Soto, Sam Coronado, and Richard Duardo provide a more comprehensive look into the printmaking tradition while calling attention to the tradition’s far-reaching impact. Additionally, Mexic-Arte Museum recently aquired the El Corazon portfolio created by the Consejo Gráfico as a dedication to the memory of Sam Z. Coronado, Co-founder of Mexic-Arte Museum

La Huella Magistral portfolio includes works by René H. Arceo, Eliezer Berrios, Kay Brown Pepe Coronado, Marcos Dimas, Paul del Bosque, Sandra C. Fernández, Juan R. Fuentes, Luanda Lozano, Poli Marichal, Jaime Montiel, Malaquias Montoya, Betty Perez Cole, Ramiro Rodríguez, Marianne Sadowski, Joseph Segura, Francesco Siqueiros, Ricardo Xavier Serment, Nitza Tufiño.

La Huella


Edward Hopper, Saltillo and the Photography of Rupert Chambers

This group of 20 photographs which channel the spirit of Edward Hopper are made relevant to Saltillo by Edward Hopper’s relationship with the city. He made three visits to Saltillo between 1943 and 1951 during which he produced at least seven of his more notable works, using the roofs of the Guajardo House and later the Arizpe Saenz Hotel as unique vantages.

A recurrent theme in Rupert Chambers’ photography is an isolation and estrangement similar to that at the heart of much of Edward Hopper’s work. This is not so much a matter of deliberate imitation as a shared perspective which appears without conscious intentionality in a subset of his work.

Within this particular group of 20 images the viewer is outside the moment, looking in with detachment. The viewer, for example, is in the dark while only the subject is in the light, or the viewer is outside the room while the subject is within. Where there is more than one subject they are not only separated from the viewer; they are separated from one another, often looking in different directions while sharing the same frame. A more implicit and tangential perspective is offered in his portrayal of the human-built environment absent the human, architecture without life.

This group of 20 photographs bring the spirit of Edward Hopper back to Saltillo, an important source of inspiration for his work.